The Short Sale Gal Kristine Zelazo is the Founder of The Bird Dog Program Real Estate Investing and Short Sale ProgramKristine Zelazo (CDPE, SFR, CAM, CNE, ePRO, REO Certified) — better known as “The Short Sale Gal” — is a real estate investment specialist and a licensed real estate broker. She not only purchases investment properties for cash, but she also works with fellow investors, and specializes in the sale of distressed properties and short sales nationwide.

In addition to dealing in short sales and REOs (bank-owned or other lender-owned properties), Kristine also specializes in buying bank notes and fix and flips. She serves as a consultant as well, providing guidance to real estate agents, along with new or inexperienced real estate investors who are seeking advice and direction. Kristine is also a Les Brown-certified public speaker.

Based in South Florida, Kristine Zelazo is a licensed Realtor who works with clients throughout the Sunshine State. She also deals with transactions in other regions of the country, including New York, Chicago, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Kristine started her career as a paralegal, a position that she held for 17 years.

“One day, I realized that I was tired of working for other people so I attended a three-day Robert Allen seminar and by Monday morning, I was making offers on REOs! I learned as I went and set out to attain as much knowledge and experience as I possibly could,” Kristine explained when asked how she got her start in the short sale and real estate investment niche.

It was around 2008 when Kristine started to find her niche in short sales. She explained, “At the time, everyone was going after REOs, so I decided to differentiate myself by going into short sales.”

It was a move that would prove to be very beneficial as the housing market went downhill shortly thereafter, which mean there were an abundance of property owners seeking to pursue short sales.

When it comes to standing apart in her niche, Kristine places great emphasis on her exceptional customer service, along with her ability to close quickly as a cash buyer.

“I’m extremely knowledgeable, from drawing up a contract to the closing table,” Kristine said, adding, “I do a lot of work serving as a consultant for other professionals in the industry, whether it’s an investor who needs a buying agent or a listing agent who needs advice on the short sale process. I even work with title companies, providing them with the insight they need to ensure the deal goes through.”

In short, Kristine is one of South Florida’s most experienced mentors, team leaders and consultants. She works with clients and buys homes nationwide.

Whether you’re seeking to sell your home for cash, a new investor seeking to partner with an experienced investor or you’re a real estate industry professional who requires a seasoned consultant specializing in short sales and REOs, Kristine Zelazo is here to assist.

Contact Kristine Zelazo by phone at 786.570.0360 or stop by the contact page.

The Short Sale Gal Kristine Zelazo is the Founder of The Bird Dog Program Real Estate Investing and Short Sale Program

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