The Bird Dog Program is pleased to announce our new affiliate program!

For every new member you refer, you’ll receive a $100 commission. Commissions are paid to affiliate program members once the referral pays the entire program fee in full. We offer affiliate payments via Paypal, although alternate arrangements may be possible on a case-by-case basis.

To get credit for a referral, simply refer the prospective member to The Bird Dog Program website at Then, instruct them to select your name from the “referrer” drop down menu on the new member questionnaire.

MAKE MONEY AS A BIRD DOG AFFILIATE! The Bird Dog Program is pleased to announce our new affiliate program!Alternatively, we’ve also included a field where the new member can enter your referrer’s name, in the event you’ve just joined the affiliate program and have not been added into the system. We strive to add new affiliate program members onto our website within 24 hours.

Members of The Bird Dog Program are automatically enrolled in our affiliate program, so there is no need to enroll. We’ll include you automatically in our affiliate program!

Please complete the form below. If you have questions, complete our contact form or call program founder and short sale specialist Kristine Zelazo at 800.664.0616, x802.

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